Spring 2014, Pearcedale......

Springtime to us at Tempo Two means one thing. The Iris are flowering. Well, since 1946 we have opened the gardens to the public to view the Iris and this year we have decided not to open them again and slow down a bit. - For 68 years, Barry has been doing this firstly with his parents and when they retired, with Lesley for 49 years, so we want to take time to smell the Iris a bit and see what we are really growing. Seasons in the past we often missed lots of varieties flowering simply because there was no time to stop and look. We will have more time to use the camera and make better detailed descriptions of the varieties we catalogue. Our catalogue is our shop window and we enjoy making it the best we possibly can.

We are still growing Iris and will continue to produce a catalogue and sell rhizomes to anyone who wants to grow some of these delightful plants, though the catalogue will more than likely become smaller as time goes on.  Our breeding program will continue for as long as we can still dig and replant, so we think that will be for quite a time. We no longer catalogue Hostas as we have stopped growing them because of the work load.

We would like to thank all those people who have bought our Iris and Hostas and also those that took the time to travel and visit us over the years. If it was not for Iris lovers who enjoyed our Iris, we would no longer be producing a catalogue and possibly not breeding new Iris, so many thanks.

We continue to send many of our Iris overseas and although it is rewarding, it is becoming more and more difficult and expensive with Government regulations both here and overseas increasing and charges skyrocketing. This is why most small growers here and overseas will not export plants. It causes untold problems and dissapointments to all concerned. More and more countries prohibit importation of plants or create such a barrier with rules and regulations, that it can become impossible to comply with them.

Enyoy your spring as we no doubt will and we hope you find something in this very modern and up to date collection of Bearded Iris.

Happy Gardening

Lesley and Barry


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