Spring 2013, Pearcedale......
It seems like only yesterday that we were here writing the last catalogue introduction. Spring is always an exciting time in the garden and particularly so if Iris are a focused interest for you as they are here at Tempo Two.
We will be open only two weekends this year at flowering time and you can see the dates and opening hours in the box below. If you wish to see the Iris in flower, this may be your last chance as we may not open again for the flowering and barn display after this season as it is a huge amount of work and as age creeps upon us, we realise that we cannot do those things that we used to do so easily.
Even so, we will still produce a catalogue each season for as long as we can still plant and dig Iris, so if you have always thought that you wanted to visit Tempo Two at flowering time, this may be your last chance.
We were very pleased that our Iris Adoree won an Award of Merit in US this year. Although Adoree is not always an easy variety to grow to perfection, those that have grown it well are amazed at the different colour pattern it exhibits. Foe us, it is its breeding results that please us and it still has huge potential. We have seedlings flowering now from the 3rd generation and they continue to surprise. Some images and notes can be found in the hybridizing notes in the back of this catalogue.
Another Iris we have been delighted to grow since its initial introduction in USA is That’s All Folks. It is Bill Maryotts last Iris introduction, as he has switched to breeding daylilies. What a way to finish.It wion the coverted Dykes Medal in USA this year. It has been a constant performer for us and where ever we have seen it flowering it has been superb.
We are still importing a range of the latest American Bearded Iris and often go to various gardens in America to keep up with the latest directions the leading hybridizers are trending towards. We are very happy with our own breeding results but there are so many lines to follow, one hybridizer can only follow a few direction. Seeing what others are breeding, growing and introducing, we can choose the best available and import them through quarantine and establish them here. It takes a few years for a new variety to become acclimatized and with enough increase to catalogue. We have again this season about 100 new varieties in quarantine, so it is an ongoing process. When one consideres that there are about 1200 new Iris introduced every year, it is impossible to see them all, let alone grow them.
We hope you enjoy this catalogue and maybe get a chance to call and see the Iris in Spring. We thank all our loyal customers for their continued support and good wishes.

Happy Gardening

Lesley and Barry


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