Spring 2016 Pearcedale

The past twelve months were harsh to begin with as the early onset of summer weather forced the iris to flower earlier and rushed their bloom. Consequently, many Iris did not perform as we know them. Flowers were small or even fried on the stems. Seed pod setting was greatly curtailed. We thought it was one of the poorest flowering seasons on record for quality, though the iris plants themselves did not mind and grew quite normally.

The drought finished here in May and “normal” conditions over winter have brought us steady rain without floods and only a few frosty mornings.

Each year we hear from lots of customers who share their experiences and joy of growing our iris. We would like to really thank them for their letters and emails. It is always very pleasing to hear that Tempo Two Iris give joy and pleasure into their lives, often bringing the future warmer spring weather in the garden into cold wet winter days. even sometimes helping people recover from illness by looking forward to seeing their precious flowers in October.

Our catalogue continues to be a bit smaller as we cut back on so many varieties. We still import some new ones from overseas, though Government regulations have become more difficult to overcome, or maybe it is just that we are getting older and finding this fast electronic world hard to understand. Happy gardening Lesley and Barry


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