Spring 2015, Pearcedale......

We have been asked by a few customers how we enjoyed our first spring with no open days, hoping, some said, that we missed it so much that we would open again. Well, in some ways it felt as if there was something else we should be doing, like cutting flowers for a display or cleaning up around the car park. Then it would hit home and we could do what ever we wanted. We could take pictures of the Iris when the light was right instead of having

to make do with what ever time was available. We could spend much more time evaluating the seedlings as well
as looking at all the named ones without rushing past. We could enjoy the Iris for what they really are: gorgeous rainbow packages of joy. Once we became used to the idea of being closed during bloom season it was very relaxing and although we had to make constant explanations to calls about being closed, it was fine. We had the best spring ever. So, no, we will not be opening again in bloom time. We know a lot of people were disappointed at not being able to call and we regret that.
We have cut back further with our catalogue and we know it has the same number of pages, it is just that we made the photos bigger for moor detail for you to look at. We will be cutting back further in the next couple of years just featuring the new and recent introductions of ours and some newer introductions from overseas. We are still importing from the best hybridizers in the US and just over a year ago the Government made it less expensive to import Iris with the elimination of compulsory electron microscope scanning and ELISA tests. We can also import through a registered importer which is less expensive than the Government quarantine facility. It is still expensive but about half of the cost it used to be so that pleases us greatly.
We hope you enjoy this catalogue and continue to love Iris as we do.

Happy Gardening

Lesley and Barry


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